Welcome to The Compassionate Capitalist


Compassion is a virtue. Capitalism is an economic system.

Compassionate Capitalism is the exercise of this economic system modulated by the emotional human capacity of compassion to bring improved standards of living, such as better availability of food, education, housing, clothing and healthcare, to all peoples of the World through the balanced pursuit of profit/income with a commitment to behave ethically and contribute to the economic and social development of our Global society as a whole.

This blog is intended to provide a forum for people to share information, to discuss and debate how the elements of capitalism can be used or altered to improve the lives of all peoples, and to address social inequality and alienation, unfair distribution of wealth and power, cultural exploitation, repression of workers, exploitation of women and children, economic inequality, unemployment, and economic instability.

I intend to provide visitors to this blog with information that may challenge long held beliefs and may not be generally held views by all – that is the nature of this subject matter. I hope to provoke thought and then action.

I look forward to sharing relevant opinions and ideas from business and political leaders, from academic professionals, along with social and economic commentators designed to foster debate and discussion that one hopes will result in consequent action.  Action that improves the human experience for us all.

Please join me in this undertaking.

Mike Henderson / Farmington, UT

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